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Benefits of Using CRM Project Management

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

We all know that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software platform can provide a wealth of benefits for your small business to achieve goals, from customer retention to increased productivity. Customer relationship management (CRM) software platform has become a most successful tool for businesses of all sizes.  CRM…

On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO and how to do it?

What is on-page SEO? It’s a component of SEO that focuses on optimizing elements on your website, like page speed and keyword density, versus factors outside your website, like backlinks. What is on-page SEO? On-page SEO refers to any optimization that you control and include on your website. With on-page…


What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

There are two types of channels to grow your business online, search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Both help to get traffic via search engines, but what is the difference between SEO vs SEM? The difference between SEO and SEM is subtle. SEO focuses on optimizing your website…

Plesk vs cPanel

What is the difference between Plesk vs cPanel?

When it comes to web hosting control panels, Plesk vs cPanel comparison is something you may think about. Apart of DirectAdmin, ISPConfig and Webmin, both cPanel and Plesk has long history on the market of server management tools. About Plesk and cPanel Plesk has helped system administrators for over 10 years. Because of its user-friendly interface and wide set of…


What is Full Stack development?

Full stack development: It refers to the development of both front end(client side) and back end(server side) portions of web application. Full stack web Developers: Full stack web developers have the ability to design complete web application and websites. They work on the front-end, back-end, database and debugging of web…

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