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When it comes to ecommerce, two names are constantly in the conversation: Shopify and Amazon. Both platforms have helped countless entrepreneurs and businesses build successful online stores over the years. With their intuitive interfaces and powerful features, it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs are turning to these platforms to kickstart their online businesses.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make the most of these platforms, here are 10 ecommerce examples worth following, from Shopify to Amazon:

1. Gymshark
Gymshark started as a small, independent online store on Shopify and quickly grew into a global fitness clothing brand worth over $1 billion. They utilized Shopify’s powerful customization options to create a sleek, user-friendly website that resonated with their target audience.

2. MVMT Watches
MVMT Watches is another Shopify success story. They started out with a simple online store and have since become a recognized brand in the watch industry. Their clean and modern website design, coupled with Shopify’s marketing and sales tools, helped them achieve rapid growth.

3. Casper
Casper is a popular mattress company that initially sold its products through its Shopify store. The company’s focus on creating a seamless online shopping experience, combined with Shopify’s easy-to-use platform, helped them build a loyal customer base and attract investors.

LARQ is an ecommerce brand specializing in self-cleaning water bottles. The company used Amazon’s platform to quickly reach a wide audience and establish its products as essential items in the wellness space.

5. Anker
Anker, a consumer electronics brand, has seen huge success on Amazon by leveraging the platform’s global reach and robust fulfillment and shipping options. With Amazon’s unparalleled customer base, Anker has been able to expand rapidly and become a household name in the tech industry.

6. The Honest Company
Started by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company has successfully utilized Shopify to sell its eco-friendly, natural products. Their commitment to sustainability combined with Shopify’s user-friendly interface has helped them gain traction in the competitive beauty and household goods market.

7. Native Shoes
Native Shoes, a sustainable footwear brand, has successfully built an online presence with Shopify. Their clean and minimalist website design, combined with Shopify’s marketing tools, has helped them attract environmentally-conscious consumers.

8. Tushy
Tushy, a brand that specializes in bidets and bathroom products, has found success on Amazon by capitalizing on the platform’s massive audience and efficient fulfillment services. Tushy’s quirky and bold branding has helped set them apart in a unique product category.

9. ThirdLove
ThirdLove, a lingerie brand, has used Shopify to create a personalized and inclusive online shopping experience. Their focus on body positivity and a wide range of sizing options has resonated with customers and helped them stand out in the crowded ecommerce market.

10. Lovevery
Lovevery is a baby toy and essentials company that has found success on Amazon. With Amazon’s dedicated baby and nursery category, Lovevery has been able to target and reach parents looking for high-quality and educational products for their children.

These 10 ecommerce examples showcase the potential of Shopify and Amazon for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow their online presence. Whether you’re interested in starting a clothing brand, selling tech products, or offering sustainable goods, these platforms offer the tools and support needed to succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape. By following the lead of these successful brands, you can learn valuable lessons on how to leverage Shopify and Amazon to build a thriving online business.

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