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Trusted Site Seal logo, Fast SSL issuance, Boost Google rating with SSL.

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Domain validation certificate compatible with all mobile and web browsers. It is a single certificate to protect one website or sub-domain. The price includes protection of both with/without WWW. You can reissue it an unlimited number of times. Comes with 50,000$ warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

GoGetSSL™ certificates are GoGetSSL own products issued as to the strategic partner by Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA). Domain SSL is a domain validation certificate with the complete support of both RSA and ECC hash algorithms for the same price.

SSL comes with a green lock that appears at the address bar of all known browsers and mobile devices. It is suitable for small and medium websites, mail servers, start-ups or any other online projects. The validation process is fast and easy as all you need is to confirm domain ownership via one of the available methods. We guarantee 30-day money back for any reason.

Validation methods
Email / HTTP Hash / DNS CNAME
Available hash algorithm

Trusted Site

GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL with various versions of trust Site Seal logos to looks great on every website design. Site seal logo from known provider increase trust and build the credibility of your potential and existing customers. Site Seal provided in different PNG versions. We suggest to install Site Seal logo to most of your pages or at least on critical pages like cart, contact form and ordering pages. Preview example of one of the available site seals by our brand.

Fast SSL

Domain SSL is available for all type of customers like Individuals, Private persons, Organizations and Government entities. No documents require and SSL will be issued within 5 minutes once you confirm domain ownership via one of the available methods. We support domain validation via standard e-mails like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] OR via alternative methods HTTP hash file and DNS CNAME.

Boost Google

Now every trusted SSL certificate increase website rank thanks to Google updates in the search algorithm. That is the easiest and legal method to help your website receive more traffic from Google and other search engines. We believe Google would make more updates soon to give preference to trusted websites and verified companies.


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